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After putting up the initial video about Cole Harris, the David Fennell for California Lieutenant Governor campaign received multiple unsolicited inquiries and information from individuals who had been #MeToo victims of Republican Lt. Governor candidate Cole Harris. 

We would prefer to debate Cole on policy issues.  

However, we believe the emotional stories told by the #MeToo victims of Cole Harris and have found police & court reports filed by Los Angeles County District Attorney that confirm their stories. 

Cole Harris is a predator & a fraud who has faked his background to receive endorsements from California Republican Party leaders such as Orange County Supervisor Michelle Park Steele, who we believe should resign due to her lack of judgement & vetting of Cole Harris.

We encourage other victims or individuals who have been harmed by Cole Harris to send us information so we can forward the information to the proper authorities and contacts in the media. 

Due to the vast wealth of Cole Harris, which we are told is coming from his wife's mainland Chinese father, and not from his own self made start-up, we understand some victims have expressed fear of retaliation by Cole Harris and his wealthy Chinese father-in-law from mainland China.

Therefore we will keep information sent to us completely confidential.

In addition, a good investigative reporter should be able to uncover the truth. 



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