Orange County Supervisor Michelle Park Steel needs to ask her candidate Cole Harris if he has been arrested? 

When we learned that an unknown individual named Cole Harris had put $2 Million into the California Lieutenant Governor Race in an effort to defeat our David Fennell for California Lieutenant Governor campaign, we did what anyone would do: we looked up Cole Harris on Google. 

Our simple question was "Who is Cole Harris?”

When you look at the old social media of the Lt. Governor Republican candidate, Cole Harris from the City of San Marino, he came across as a petty thug without a college education. 

Sensing we were dealing with fraud and a potential criminal, we did a Google search for "Cole Harris" "arrest" "San Marino" and we found several arrest reports for someone named "Cole Harris.” 

Anyone viewing this document can do the same Google search and see our initial finding.

Trying to figure out who our mysterious opponent was, our team also looked into the public campaign records of Cole Harris at the California Secretary of State and California Fair Political Practices Commission and it appeared that he was lying about many things:  when he became a Republican, his college degree, and where he received his funding. 

We shot the video “Who is Cole Harris” and put it on this website before we knew what he was arrested for. At that point we only had 10% of the information we have now.  At that time we were uncertain if this person named in online arrest records was the same Cole Harris as the candidate. There seem to be more than one person online named Cole Harris so we wanted to be certain before we released too much information. For the police report we assumed it would be a DUI, bar fight or maybe financial fraud. 

All of us were extremely shocked to learn that someone named "Cole Harris" had been arrested and prosecuted more than once by the Los Angeles County District Attorney for charges such as "Rape of an Unconscious Person," "Assault" & "Resisting Arrest."

As our team was putting together this website, a member of our film team released the video early and it was seen by #MeToo victims of Cole Harris.

These still traumatized victims of Cole Harris sexual assault called the Campaign of David Fennell for Lieutenant Governor and left a message briefly confirming our suspicions, stating themselves as victims of the #MeToo assaults.  

The candidate then called these victims of Cole Harris directly to ascertain the validity of this information. 

The emotional stories confirmed what was seen in police reports.

After listening to the victims emotional stories and with this outside collaboration of what we were seeing in Los Angeles County police and DA reports, we determined that these reports of #MeToo crimes by Cole Harris were confirmed to be true.

With #MeToo crimes in his past, we asked ourselves what other qualifications Mr. Harris might have, if any.

The sole basis for Cole Harris credibility is apparently due to Orange County Supervisor Michelle Park Steel endorsing Cole Harris and bringing him to the attention of other elected GOP leaders who then also endorsed Cole Harris. 

We find Supervisor Steel's endorsement of Cole particularly disturbing because the information we are being provided includes information that Cole targeted Asian immigrants with limited English speaking abilities as it would make it more difficult for them to report crimes. 

From the information we have, there are at least 3 confirmed arrests and 3 sexual assault victims. 

Cole also spent time in China and the information we have indicated that there are many #MeToo victims of Cole Harris who will come forward when his crimes become public in Los Angeles County, Riverside County & perhaps mainland China. 

California Lieutenant Governor candidate David Fennell has been running on issues from the beginning.  Before it was known of Cole Harris #MeToo crimes, from the moment Cole Harris announced he was entering the race, Candidate David Fennell has simply requested a debate with Cole Harris on the issues.

We want to debate Cole Harris on the issues.

Cole Harris does not want to debate the issues.

It saddens Candidate David Fennell to have discovered Cole Harris #MeToo crimes. 

It should not have been our role to vet our opponent for arrests.  

That is the role of Orange County Supervisor Michelle Park Steel and California Republican Party Executive Director Cynthia Bryant who was in charge of the legal process of the CAGOP endorsement process. 

Yet another scandal in this poorly thought out campaign, I have just learned that the California State Bar has notified the public that Ms. Bryant is no longer allowed to practice law in California because she failed to take the proper ethics classes.

We ask CAGOP Chairman Jim Brulte to explain why he picked a person who the California Bar has prohibited from practicing law in California to oversee the CAGOP endorsement process. 

Is it any wonder that someone who is banned from practicing law picked a criminal to be the insider pick for California Lieutenant Governor?

Lieutenant Governor Candidate David Fennell is calling on Michelle Steel to do what she should have done in the first place: vet Cole Harris before leading his endorsement process.

Did you ask Cole Harris the simple question, "Cole, have you ever been arrested?”

We also ask that CA GOP Chairman Jim Brulte set up a link on the California Republican Party website where the #MeToo victims of Republican Party candidates & politicians such as Cole Harris & other high level persons can anonymously provide their #MeToo information.

We ask that the Republican Party pass that information to the appropriate law enforcement agencies and any #MeToo support groups that could offer aid and comfort to the victims of the Republican candidates such as Cole Harris, who Chairman Jim Brulte has himself unfortunately endorsed.

The Republican Party & the California Statewide Primary has no place for sexual predators.  

Cole Harris should drop out of the race and cooperate with investigators.



Orange County Supervisor Michelle Park Steel & Cynthia Bryant can be contacted at:

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Orange County Board of Supervisors
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Santa Ana, CA 92701

Phone: (714) 834-3220
Fax: (714) 834-6109


Office of CAGOP Executive Director Cynthia Elizabeth Bryant (SBN#180223)

California Republican Party
1121 L St Ste 207
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 448-9496
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